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Here are some frequently asked questions from potential franchisees. You may have other questions as we move through our process, including information required by the Federal Trade Commission and applicable state laws. Feel free to contact us at franchise@paisanospizza.com.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to return the Franchise Application. This does not obligate you to Paisano's in any way. The form is simply used to determine mutual compatibility. Upon receipt and review, we will contact you and arrange a personal meeting. If we both agree to proceed, we will give you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for review. This document contains all the information required by the Federal Trade Commission and/or the particular state in which your Paisano's restaurant will be located. The FDD will enable you to diligently investigate our franchise operation.

What Types of Opportunities Are Available?

Single-unit and multi-unit franchise opportunities are available. A multi-unit franchisee must sign a Development Agreement for at least three locations.

How Much Does it Cost to Join the Paisano's Franchise System?

The franchise fee for your first franchise is $40,000. If you sign a Multi-Unit Operator Agreement, the franchise fee for every location after the first remains at $40,000. However, we require only a 50% franchise fee payment, or $20,000, for each additional location outlined in the Multi-Unit Operating Agreement which is due at the time of signing. The remaining 50% is due as each subsequent Franchise Agreement is signed.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Paisano's?

The total investment to build a Paisano's restaurant ranges from $347,000 to $635,500. This range includes the total investment including all associated fees, furniture, fixtures, equipment, security deposits, leasehold improvements, signage and opening inventory. The range is wide because of the many variables involved in the build-out of your restaurant.

What is The Term of My Franchise Agreement?

20 years.

Is There a Continuing Fee?

Yes, the continuing royalty fee is 6% of weekly gross receipts, excluding sales tax.

Is There an Advertising Fee?

You are required to spend up to 3% of net sales in advertising for your store. Currently, 1% of net sales is paid weekly to Paisano's for national advertising that will allow Paisano's to compete with other national brand systems and continue to build the Paisano's brand. The remaining 2% is to be used by the individual franchisee for local marketing and advertising. Paisano's retains the exclusive decision making power over the use of these funds, but the applications of them will always be for advertising and marketing purposes.

Will I Receive Assistance in Finding a Suitable Location for my Paisano's restaurant?

Yes. While it is each franchisee's contractual responsibility to find a suitable location, Paisano's representatives will assist you in this process. We have a recommended network of commercial real estate brokers that specialize in Paisano's site selection and lease negotiation that we will put you in contact with should you choose to use them. We will collectively review all available options and approve a location that is mutually agreed upon and meets our criteria.

Who Signs the Lease?

Each franchisee will execute the lease for their store.

How Long Does it Take to Open a Paisano's Restaurant?

We hesitate to give a specific time due to the number of variables that exist. Usually a restaurant opening may be completed within 120 days or more from the time a site is leased.

Do I Receive Training from Paisano's?

Yes, our current training program takes place at our company-owned unit in Fairfax, VA. Paisano's training covers all facets of operating the Paisano's business. Furthermore, a Paisano's representative will assist you at the opening of your first restaurant.

Can I sell my Franchise?

Yes. As in any other business, your business can be sold. Paisano's must approve the buyer and there will be a transfer fee to cover the legal and training costs.

How Much Income Can I Generate from a Paisano's Franchise?

We do not publish financial performance representations. However, we do publish a comprehensive list of our franchisees in Exhibit E of our Franchise Disclosure Document, which we will provide upon receipt of a qualified application. You may contact them to validate financial performance or to answer any other franchise related questions.